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A smarter way to prepare for exams

Updated: Apr 27

As opposed to studying your favorite subjects first and leaving the least favorites for later, mentioned below is an effective way to study for exams.

Start with the subject of the last exam. Study the subjects backward. You will be studying the subject of the first exam closer to the exam itself. After writing your first exam, you will need to study the second subject. But wait, that's something you studied not too long ago. It's still fresh in your memory. You will find it easier to review the topics. Additionally, you will feel confident as this review will feel easier.

Let's see what this method will look like with an example. Here is an exam schedule: English: 20th May

Math: 21st May

History: 22nd May

Science: 23rd May

French: 24th May

Make your study schedule like this:

French: 10th-11th May

Science: 12th-13th May

History: 14th-15th May

Math: 16th-17th May

English:18-19th May

Why does this method work? You are focused on one subject without interruption. Prolonged commitment to that topic will get you to learn more without breaking your chain of thought. The more you learn, the more confidence you build up. You will also have less stress during exam days, knowing that you are almost prepared for your next exam.

Curious about the mastermind behind this genius study strategy? Meet the author, a seasoned scholar with a master's in Aerospace Engineering and a passion for guiding students to academic success. With over 300 students already benefiting from his expertise, he's ready to help you excel on your academic journey too. Reach out and connect with him on his website at Your path to academic greatness awaits!

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